Activities at the Retreat

This no-cost retreat will include workshops and presentations, focusing on the theme of ‘Pilgrimage’. You will have the option to experience holistic mind-body practices, including mindfulness meditation, drum circle, walking a labyrinth, Tai chi, and meaningful conversation. These activities will provide a safe setting for sharing thoughts and feelings, allowing you to explore yourself, while creating meaningful connection with others.

Who Comes to the Retreat

All are welcome, regardless of background. Participants include individuals from diverse religious traditions, those who consider themselves "spiritual but not religious," as well as those who identify themselves as agnostic or atheist. We are LGBTQ+ affirming.

Our Goal

Our goal in Creating Connection is to share authentic conversation, experience meaningful activities, and form inclusive community together.

Conference Registration Form

We thank you for your interest in participating in Connection Retreat.
Please fill in your registration form below by April 13th, 2020 to receive your retreat information package at the door.
Space is limited, please register soon!