Mindfulness Meditation

This is a time to bring your attention to your experience of the present moment and set aside the mental "buzz" that causes anxiety, stress, and even physical pain. Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced meditator, these simple, guided exercises will help you find your natural breathing cycle and deep relaxation, in the midst of the constant flow of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

You are not required to sit in complicated poses or to stay for the whole length of the session. We combine elements of Zen Buddhism and modern psychological mindfulness, considering all spiritual types and sensibilities, in order to accommodate everyone: those who need to relax, those who need to manage stress and anxiety, and those who want to deepen their self-awareness and cultivate their spirituality.

Lead by Leandro Palacios.

Drum Circle

The beat of a drum is reminiscent of the rhythmical training we experienced in our mother's uterus. When we hear a drum beat, especially a heartbeat pattern, we unconsciously relax and feel safe.

The drum circle helps to release stress, reduce anxiety and reconnect with ourselves and with others. Experience a playful, but non-competitive, uplifting, meditative, and healing space, where we create various rhythms together. Join the circle and let the joyful vibrations transform you. No experience required. Drums supplied.

The drum circle is led by Mary Jean Belrose.

Meaningful Conversation

When we engage in conversation in ways that bring out the best in us, and inspires everyone to discover themselves and one another, we are called forward into a greater purpose. Enjoy a cup of coffee and be part of a meaningful conversation. Make new friends from all walks of life who share a common desire to make a difference in the world. This is a safe space to share thoughts, in an open and accepting environment that encourages dialogue over debate.

Meaningful Conversation is led by Kerry Richards.

Labyrinth Walk

"You enter a labyrinth to find yourself". Walking the Labyrinth is an unfolding journey into self and the experience of Holiness.

This is an ancient spiritual ritual, across all faith traditions, reaching back 4000 years, and for many, has become a sacred space of pilgrimage. The experience is transformational, a roadmap to discerned new possibilities in your life. Entering the path is an emptying, the centre point is an inspirational present sense of being. Proceeding outward is a time of discernment, from the healing and freeing grace of knowing oneself in the presence of the Holy. Through your walk, the pathway to understanding, purpose, identity and calling, emerges. Participants will have an opportunity to walk an indoor labyrinth.

The Labyrinth Presentation is led by Kerry Richards.

Tai Chi Ch'uan

Bring your attention to the now and attain closer connection of mind and body with a sequence of 108 fluid, gentle moves. Focus on the movement, know what body part is left or right, and let everything else go. This Wu-style tai chi meditation is occupied with spiritual and mental aspects, practiced for both its defence training and its health benefits. The name refers to the forces of yin and yang related to the moves. In the 21st century, Tai Chi classes that purely focus on health and longevity have become popular in hospitals, clinics, as well as community and senior centres.

Tai Chi Ch'uan is led by Susan Trimble.